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Title :eXistdb - The Open Source Native XML Database
Description :eXist Solutions Long Term Support (LTS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) order form
Headers :The future of databases, Vitamins for your Applications, See the latest eXistdb talks from XML Prague 2015, Latest News, Screencasts, Features & Facts, One Step Installation, One Platform, One Data Model, Schema-less Database, Rapid Prototyping, Application Packages, Open, Browser-based IDE, Forms Framework, Rich Stack of Libraries, Community Driven, Subscriptions & Support, Long Term Support (LTS) Release, Support Plans, Benefits, Long Term Reliability, Extra Quality Assured, Professional Services, Notifications, Issue Management, Support Plans, Community, Legal Notice
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ODP Title :eXist
ODP Description :A native XML database featuring index-based XPath query processing, extensions for keyword search and XUpdate support. [Open Source, LGPL]
ODP Category :Top/Computers/Programming/Languages/Java/Databases_and_Persistence/XML
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