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Title :Wind Turbines - Kohilo Wind
Description :Kohilo Wind is an independent developer of an advanced wind turbine technology based in Jordan, New York. Our mission to provide high efficiency, environmentally friendly, affordable and versatile wind solutions that harvest energy in low and high wind, h
Headers :finally... ,        Affordable, collectable energy., Here at Kohilo, we know there is free energy flowing around us not being used every day. The issue before this point was harnessing it in a cost effective, sustainable way. Our internationally patented turbine technology is the missing solution. The time is now; to become part of the Kohilo movement., Your clear,      energy choice., OUTDOOR LIGHTING, CommerCIAL, Kohilo Wind • 8 Route 31 • Suite One • Jordan, NY 13080 • (315) 245-7045 or toll free 888-267-6034
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